5 Simple Statements About ios Explained

persuade, sway, have - acquire approval or assist for; "Have all ahead of one particular"; "His speech didn't sway the voters"

hefty lifting - challenging work; "the manager hoped the strategy would realize success but he was not ready to do the major lifting"

7. A cloth or piece of fabric staying processed in a very device during manufacture: work to get turned while in the lathe.

exploit, work - use or manipulate to 1's advantage; "He exploit The brand new taxation program"; "She understands ways to work the procedure"; "he works his mother and father for sympathy"

go, carry on, move - abide by a course of action or take a training course; "We should go farther On this make a difference"; "She went through a wide range of difficulties"; "go about the globe in a certain manner"; "Messages should go through diplomatic channels"

work - give a workout to; "Some mothers and fathers exercise their infants"; "My private trainer works me tricky"; "work just one's muscles"; "this puzzle will physical exercise your intellect"

He has performed pioneering work in this discipline → Il a effectué un travail de pionnier dans ce domaine.

owning no employment. He's been away from work for months. werkloos لا يَعْمَل، عاطِل عن العَمَل безработен desempregado bez práce keine Arbeit haben arbejdsløs βλ. work parado töötu بیکار työtön au chômage מוּבטָל खराब bez posla munka nélkül van menganggur atvinnulaus disoccupato 失業して 실직 중인 be darbo bez darba tidak bekerja; tiada pekerjaan zonder werk arbeidsledig/-løs bez pracy بېكار desempregado în şomaj без работы bez práce brez dela bez posla arbetslös, utan arbete ว่างงาน işsiz 失業 без роботи بے روزگار ہونا thất nghiệp 失业

a. Informal The full variety of prospects; every read more thing. Made use of Using the: purchased a pizza Along with the works.

In the end it worked out really well → Au bout du compte, ça a très bien marché., Au bout du compte, cela s'est vraiment bien moveé.

Labor usually implies human work, Primarily of a hard Bodily or intellectual character: a development occupation that will involve major labor."All scholarly work builds over the cumulative labors of Other individuals" (Jerome Karabel).

to possess one particular's work eliminate performing sth, to acquire one particular's work cut out to carry out sth (= have good issues) → avoir toutes les peines du monde à faire qch

b. To make use of or manipulate to at least one's own edge; exploit: discovered ways to work the program; worked his family for sympathy.

coursework - work assigned to and done by a pupil in the course of a class of study; generally it really is evaluated as Section of the coed's quality in the system

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